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Interview Hints and Tips

Arrive on time for the interview. Plan your trip and leave early if you have to or if you are unfamiliar with the area. Give yourself enough time to find the building as well as parking. You also need keep your diary open after the interview. Your interview might be running longer than anticipated.

Remember to take a few extra copies of your CV with you. One copy is for you should you have to refresh your memory. The other copies are for the interviewer and anyone else sitting in on the interview. You only need to produce these if there is a need for them.

Be careful not to over- or under-dress for an interview. The golden rule is to look professional and smart even if everyone else at the company is wearing jeans. Speak to your employment agency for guidance with specific acompanies.

- More conservative outfit and coordinate all the colours
- Moderate shoes
- Limited jewellery
- Make sure your hairstyle is neat and hair clean
- Not too muck make-up and perfume
- Nails must be neat and clean

- Conservative suit with a white long sleeve shirt
- Conservative tie (no cartoon characters)
- Dark socks, professional shoes
- Limited jewellery
- Make sure your hairstyle is neat and hair clean
- Not too much aftershave
- Nails must be neat and clean
The interviewer will be judging the effect of your appearance on customers as well as staff. Your "look" must project the fact that you are the perfect '"fit" for that specific position and company.

Get rid of chewing gum and check your overall appearance before walking into the organisation's premises.

Switch your cellphone off once the interviewer knows that you have arrived for the interview - never, ever take a call during an interview. If there is a medical emergency in your family and your phone needs to be on then inform the interviewer and ask for permission to leave your phone on. In most cases the person will agree to it.

Remember to take a file with pen paper with you to the interview. This will assist you in making notes and to write down questions you might want to ask later.

The interview starts when the first question is asked. Right? Wrong. The interview starts the minute you arrive at the company and you will be under scrutiny by everyone who knows that interviews are being held. Be friendly with cleaning staff, secretaries and everyone else you encounter on your way to the interview. This will make you feel more positive as well as leave positive people in your wake. The last thing you need is for a staff member to mention how rude you were before the interview. Or for the secretaries to tell the manager that you had an attitude with them and you thought you were important!

Studies have shown that most interviewers make up their mind within the first few minutes. You therefore need to greet your interviewer by making comfortable eye contact, shaking hands firmly and introducing yourself in a confident manner.

Make a connection and build a relationship with the interviewer. Remember that they are already happy with your CV and now wants to check you out. Your attitude will be more important than most of your answers.

Only sit down when offered a chair.

If you are offered any coffee or tea you have three choices: Coffee, tea or nothing. Do not go and ask for something not offered - the organisation might not have it on the premises and the interviewer could feel embarrassed.

Keep an eye on your body language and avoid fidgeting, biting your nails, playing with your car keys, etc.